Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting it Right... Now or Never

Updated May 21, 2011
Tucked within the details of Fox Network's Glee is the final map that guides us between the story that originated in the Garden of Eden and the new Sacred Story set to play out within the framework of the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.

Beneath the semblance of high school students struggling to find their place in the world... you can discover mythical archetypes playing out hidden storylines that both authenticate and advance the larger story that's developed over the past year. What the creators (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan) of this television series don't know, is their work bears all the markings of the Master Storyteller who's been busy behind the scenes. Which means Glee, like all the other novels and scripts of the gemstone, is woven with imaginative threads of inspiration that come from a Divine source, God himself.

For our purposes and in Glee terms, McKinley High School's football quarterback, Finn Hudson, is a mash-up of Irish mythology--with ties to the Salmon of Wisdom we previously encountered--and the Christ archetype of the Bible. Rachel Berry embodies Mary Magdalene in a modern setting as she struggles to let go of the old story and allow it to go its own way.

In the episode titled Original Song, Rachel sings "Get It Right," which mentions a "ship going under" and the weight of world upon her shoulders. Watch the performance:

This idea of the "ship" recurs in the episode A Night of Neglect when Rachel says she's going to sing Celine Dion's "Our Hearts Will Go On," which has ties to the movie Titanic.

In the segment titled Prom Queen, Jessie makes an unexpected return when he appears in the doorway of the school auditorium and joins Rachel on the stage in a duet singing Adele's Rolling in the Deep. His entrance is punctuated with the lyrics, "Finally, I can see you crystal clear. Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare..."

What Jessie doesn't know is, in reality, the Master Storyteller has already sucked the wind out of his sails by revealing the truth of what happened in times past via the larger gemstone of stories.

Glee's season two draws to a close this coming Tuesday, May 24th. If you want a glimpse of the path the Sacred Story is taking--something Blaine knows like the back of his hand--watch recent episodes and let your imagination work with the storyline and song lyrics. Don't forget to pay close attention to visual details such as Artie's vest decorated with a flock of geese flying, Finn's shirt with the number 8 emblazoned on the back, Rachel in a pink prom dress, and Emma Pillsbury's struggle with OCD portrayed with her obsessive cleaning of grapes, a.k.a. fruits of the vine...

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